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Retirement in Indonesia

Posted by Cristian Manovel Garcia on February 23, 2018

Retirement in Indonesia

We are getting an average of 5 inquiries a month from customers around the world who want to invest and retire in Bali.

Are you one of those people planning for your dream home in Bali? Getting your villa in Bali is still affordable, but can be a risky affair if you aren’t extremely careful with your investment and the legal environment.

Find agents that have a proper company, an office and a recognized name in the market. A good agent will guide you through the whole process of due diligence (including securing the access to your property, obtaining the building permit, recommending a good notary for the transaction) and will show you “safe” land or villas with proper property titles.

Choose a location you love because if you love it, other foreigners (potential guests to your villa) will like it too! As in any real estate investment, it is about location, budget, and interests. If you are looking for safe returns, target Bukit Peninsula or Uluwatu; the investment will be twice as much as in the North, but the profits will come much faster. The South of Bali is more developed than before. There are lots of projects, so prices are going up.

Most investors coming to Bali will look for a villa near to the beach and surf. Especially the beaches that still hasn’t been contaminated by plastics. That’s why the properties in Bukit area or Uluwatu still worth the price for your investment and business in the future.

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